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Five Reasons You May Be Putting on Weight

After a vacation or after breaking your ankle and spending six weeks propped on the sofa, Gaining a few extra pounds is entirely understandable. But what happens when you can't zip your favorite pair of jeans for no reason at all? You swear you are not exercising any less, and you're not eating any more than usual, so why could be the root of this? In the days like these, it seems like someone cursed you. You might find yourself standing on the bathroom scale, wondering: "Why am I gaining weight?"

Well, the most likely cause is that there is something in your life that's changed just enough to make a difference, but not enough for you to notice. But that doesn't mean it's your destiny is to become 600 pounds. We present you with some of the most likely reasons for unexplained weight gain, and how to stop it in its tracks.

You are overeating healthy foods

Eating healthy and Portion sizes are equally important when it comes to losing or maintaining weight. A lot of foods that we call healthy (avocados, oatmeal, quinoa, dark chocolate, nuts, and nut butter) are calorically dense, which is why they can lead to weight gain if eaten in excess.

You should never assume that some type of food is low in calories because it is healthy. Next time you are preparing or ordering a meal, remember these three portion control tips and tricks:

A helping of shredded cheese or nut butter shouldn't be bigger than a ping-pong ball

The serving of lean meats should be about the size of a deck of cards.

A serving of pasta and rice should be the size of your fist.

Antidepressants and Other Medications

Sudden and unexplainable weight gain is a side effect of many antidepressant medications. And while you definitely shouldn't stop taking medicines on your own, you should let your doctor know that your sudden weight gain is troubling you. A lot of people experience weight gain after the depression treatment starts working because they start feeling better, which wakes up their appetite. Also, depression can cause changes in weight as well.

You have Recently Quit Smoking

People who quit smoking may gain some extra weight, mostly about 10 lbs. or less. Why? Because without nicotine in your system:

  1. You may feel like you are hungry all the time, although this effect tends to disappear after a few weeks.

  2. Your metabolic rate decreases.

  3. You may eat sugary or high-fat snacks, or you might drink more alcohol.

  4. You may feel like food tastes better, which could lead to overindulging.

I hope this added value to you. Leave a comment below to let me know your biggest takeaways.

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