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Download Free 7 days KickStarter Kit

Download the free 7 day Kickstarter kit to help fitness beginners with fitness motivation, nutrition, and workout for 7 days to get you started on your journey.


Download the Energy Checklist

Find out what may be taking away your energy. Use this checklist to identify what things may be draining your energy. Identify those things and get rid of them with this simple checklist.


Download Free -10 Powerful Self-Talk

Jumpstart your self-growth and develop strong positive self-talk with this 10 self-talks to help you change your self-concept and self-perception.


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The Recipe Book 

Get amazing recipes to give you multiple ways to add some spice and taste to your healthy eating habits. Just choose what dish you want to make, get the ingredients on the list and create magic in your kitchen.


Download the 30 HIIT Idea Guide

Get 30 free HIIT ideas to create your own HIIT workout session today. This guide would give you ideas on how to incorporate HIIT in your workout 


B-YOU Mastermind Group

AKA Be Your Own U, The B-YOU is Tessy's free Facebook mastermind group full of awesome young professionals and entrepreneurs that are all on a mission to grow themselves, take care of their health and business.

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